I had a cracked screen on my iPhone that bothered me a lot, till I met Prestige Phone Repairs. These men were exceptional. They replaced the cracked screen with an original one in a matter of an hour and returned the phone. Thanks a lot!

Dave Crugan
My Samsung J7 Max was running a bit slow and I was not willing to sell it off! I took it to Prestige and they did some software upgrade and some formatting and it was running as fast it can in no time. That was great! Thanks a lot, blokes!

Heguene B.
I was not able to charge my Macbook as there was a problem with the charging port. Then it was Prestige Phone Repairs who came rescue by replacing the port and did it pretty fast. Now that was great work! Splendid!

Beth Logan
I had some serious issue with my iPhone as it would hang up at times for no reason. The Prestige techies told that the motherboard was not ok..and they fixed it perfectly in a day! That was something really amazing. Keep up the good work!

Sheila Shaw
The camera of my VIVO phone was not performing very well. The images were blurred due to some glitch. The Prestige techies solved it in a jiffy and the cam is now as good as new! Thanks a lot, mates!

G Sanders