Data Recovery
Fast and Trustworthy Data Recovery Service in Preston, Melbourne
Your mobile, iPhone, computer, and laptop act as incredible storage of contacts and a huge amount of important data that you can never afford to lose. That’s why, if and you fail access that information, it’s a disaster that you MUST get over, at the earliest. That is when you need a qualified hard drive data recovery company in Preston that is competent and experienced enough to help you out in your hour of need. Prestige Phone Repairs is the name to put trust in, for computer, laptop, mobile phone, or iPhone data recovery service. Indeed, with considerable experience and some of the most competent and qualified experts and engineers, we perform highly accurate, fast, and effective retrieval of data on flash devices, which have suffered data loss due to electronic or physical damage.
Why should you bank on us?

With an immaculate and professional data recovery service in Preston, we at Prestige Phone Repairs offer our clients a wide range of benefits, which include…

    • One of the Fastest Standard TATs in the industry depending upon the gravity of the issue
    • Obligation-free Inspection results within 24 to 48 hours
    • One of the Highest data recovery success rates in the industry


  • We have the competency of data recovery from every storage devices and operating system
  • We have the competence and knowledge to solve every, all data loss situation
  • We offer Fixed priced quotes
  • We offer the safest data recovery environment that ensures security and confidentiality for your classified data
Mobile Data Recovery Service

Prestige Phone Repairs will come in handy in situations when your mobile has lost data due to any physical failure due to any external injury sustained due to a fall or water or other liquid damage, or logical failure due to exposure to virus and other electronic contamination. Our mobile data recovery service in Preston will come in handy in case your mobile has suffered…

  • Fire, Water or other liquid Damage
  • Accidental Deletion of data
  • File Corruption
  • Memory Card Reformatting
  • Injury due to a drop or other accident
  • Broken or Failed Circuit Boards

iPhone Data Recovery Service

Experts say that no data loss is everlasting. Indeed, when you put money on us, our technicians would recover all that is lost from your iPhone, using state of the art iPhone data recovery techniques in Preston. We come in handy in situations like…

  • Accidental Deletion of data
  • Crashed iPhone
  • Data lost due to faulty iOS upgrade
  • Circuit board damage due to water or other liquid damage or blow
  • Virus attack
Computer Data Recovery Service

Prestige Phone Repairs offers a highly professional data recovery service to desktops as well. We carry out data recovery from memory sticks & cards, hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state disks (SSDs), RAID arrays, servers & NAS devices. We also recover data from operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and also from the virtual file systems like Virtual Machine File System (VMFS).

Laptop Data Recovery Service

At Prestige Phone Repairs we also offer highly effective laptop data recovery service in Preston, in situations when your laptop has lost data due to….

  • Impact and Moisture Damage
  • Failure of Operating System
  • Failure of Hard Drive Read/Write Head
  • Malfunctioning of Hard Drive Electronics
  • User Error
  • Failure of Motherboard Due to Power Surges
  • Overheating
  • File Corruption
  • Bad Sectors
  • Accidental Formatting, Deletion, or Overwriting of data
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Thus, you see, whether it’s a laptop, desktop, android, or an iPhone or other Mac device, we at Prestige Phone Repairs is never found wanting in terms of competence and experience. Being fully insured and home to accredited technicians, we MUST be your first of contact in case of any emergency. Just call 0405 477778 and get in touch with us NOW for a speedy and flawless recovery of data.